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                                                                    HUNTING GLOVES

           EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE                                                          ADVANCED MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION

           It’s only natural to build on the success of Fish Monkey, the world’s most complete   IS THE HUNT MONKEY DIFFERENCE
           line of high-performance fishing gloves, mittens and other gear. Introducing Hunt
           Monkey Gloves and Mittens. A model for every environment, each engineered          DRY-TEC: Hunt Monkey’s advanced 3 Step process for making the ultimate
           using the same high-tech components, the same rigorous development                 100% waterproof hunting gloves. DWR Water-Shed technology, exterior glove
                                                                                              material sheds water keeping the glove light and comfortable. Moisture Barrier
           process and the same passion we use with Fish Monkey.
           Experience the difference of no-compromise performance. UNT
                                                                                              Fabrics (MBF) resist water penetration. HIPORA 100% Waterproof Breathable
                                                                                              Membrane, keeps water out and hands from sweating. Resulting in an
           Every model in the Hunt Monkey line includes the features demanded                 extremely comfortable dry and lightweight experience for your hands.
           by hardcore hunters…and some they didn’t even know they needed.
           Your hands stay warm, dry and functional so you are ready when                     THERMO-CONDUCTIVE LINING: the innovative use of advanced materials and
           that twig snaps or the flock commits.                                              design components used in Hunt Monkey Gloves allows our gloves to Trap,
                                  HUNT                                                        PRECISE SHOOTING FUNCTION: engineered Slim-Cut index finger and thumb
                                                                                              Retain and Transfer Heat throughout the glove while drastically reducing the
                                                                                              bulk. Resulting in warmer hands with greater dexterity.

                                                                                              provide unrestricted trigger and loading use. Resulting in a better shooting

                                                                              HUNT MONKEY EXCLUSIVE CAMO PATTERNS


                                                       PERFORMANCE HUNTING GLOVES

                                                          STRAW CAMO                  MARSH CAMO                    MOSS CAMO              HARDWOODS CAMO
 PMS 802C

         2             CMYK 0,60,100,0         PHONE: 888-659-8864  WWW.huntMONKEYGLOVES.COM
                       OR PANTONE 1505 C

                       COOL GREY 8C

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