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           FREE STYLE                                                                                                MONKEY HANDS

            CUSTOM FIT GLOVE                                                                                                                    GLOVE LINER

            STYLE HM711 SIZES:M-2XL MSRP: $35.95                                                                               STYLE HM712  SIZES: S/M, L/XL MSRP: $22.95
            Hunt Monkey Free Style glove is specially made                                                 When a functional base layer is need to beat the cold or the day calls
            to allow you to Cut-Off and expose the fingers you   Cut Off and expose the                     for a light weight concealment option, Monkey Hands is your glove.
            need. The Free Style glove is uniquely constructed  fingers you need with
            to not fray or split at the seams once cut.    designated cut lines!

                                                      WATERPROOF                                                                                                                                         WATERPROOF
   WATER                                                                                                                                              WATER
 RESISTANT                                                                                                                      MARSH                RESISTANT

                                        CAMO                      WATERPROOF                                                     CAMO                                            WATERPROOF  WATERPROOF
               WATER                                                                                                         WATER        WATER
  WATER      RESISTANT                                                                                                      RESISTANT   RESISTANT     WATER
 RESISTANT                                                ALSO AVAILABLE IN                        ALSO AVAILABLE IN                                RESISTANT
                                                    MOSS CAMO        MARSH CAMO          HARDWOOD CAMO BLACKOUT

              WATER                                                                                                          WATER       WATER
             RESISTANT                                                                                                      RESISTANT   RESISTANT
                                                                                                                                  • Non-Slip Silicone palm print for great grip.
           • Second Skit Fit

           • No Fray or Seam Splits when fingers are cut off                                                        • Superb Second Skin Fit to work well as base layer glove.
           • Synthetic leather palm for enhanced grip and palm protection                                       • Unmatched Grip, Function and Warmth  with Second Skin Fit.
 PMS 802C
           • Touch Screen index finger                                                                       • Slit Opening on Index Finger and Thumb for enhanced dexterity.
                                                                                                                       • Brushed interior finish for high warmth to weight ratio.
         8                                     PHONE: 888-659-8864  WWW.huntMONKEYGLOVES.COM

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